This program aims to conserve biodiversity while ensuring food sovereignty in Togo. It addresses issues related to the effective management of protected areas, the fight against desertification and deforestation in Togo, the preservation of ecosystems and endangered species, the development of natural resources, the preservation of local varieties, the promotion of a sustainable family farming, the fight against land grabbing, the fight against GMOs, the promotion of organic farming, the fight against pollution of ecosystems by pesticides and fertilizers.


The objective of this program is to work towards an understanding of the issue of climate change, to contribute to the reduction of vulnerability of people and ecosystems to harmful effects of climate change, to develop actions and strategies to increase their resilience in key areas of development and to promote renewable energy.


The mission of the Community Development Programme (CDP) is to transform the collective problems identified in the communities in projects, to bring collective responses through democratic participation of local communities in order to achieve a sustainable society, all this in an atmosphere of working in synergy between partners.

The activities that take place occur in the context of volunteer work camps and other specific activities that require the support of volunteers. Among other activities include reforestation and agroforestry, construction (health hut, latrines, schools, etc.) holidays tutoring, awareness raising on problems of actualities, etc..


The Mining Program (MP) aims to support local populations affected by mining activities in their struggles for self-determination against the destruction of their environment, and in favor of environmental justice and equity.

Although being a new program, it has started with actions visible on the field. The first major initiative is a project initiated for exploitation of natural resources taking into account the interests of the people. Indeed, on August 7, 2006, Togo and MM Mining Investment Holding Limited Company based in the Bahamas have signed an agreement for a project of extraction, processing and marketing various minerals which include bauxite of Mount Agou (Togo).

The NGO Friends of the Earth Togo was concerned about the environmental and human disasters that the implementation of this Convention ould lead to.

Preocupied to prevent such disasters, and in view of the establishment of a network of communities affected by mining, FOE-Togo, with financial support of FoEI, organized in collaboration with Friends of the Earth-Mali (Guamina), a visit to Mali to raise and promote the exchange of information and experiences between the community concerned by the possible exploitation of bauxite in Togo and those affected by gold mining in Mali for advocacy and lobbying on the proposed bauxite mining on Mount Agou MM Minning Investment Limited Company.

The project helped to riparian communities to be more aware of the ins and outs of the bauxite mining project on Mount Agou, as well as how to behave in the fight against that exploitation and / or the operationalization of the environmental impact study of the bauxite mining project.


The objective of this program is to support sustainable development and promote significant and measurable improvement of the national environment, by providing timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policy makers and the public.


The role of overall coordination of programs by the Executive Board is manifest, it is decisive in orientation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of projects executed during the year.

The smooth tact and diplomacy of the Executive Board allows FOE-Togo to benefit from listening to various authorities / public, private and civil society actors, all of which have lead to success of projects and programs.

The Executive Director participated and co-chaired the Global Civil Society Forum (GCSF) Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC / GMEF) organized by UNEP from 19 to 23 February 2008 in Monaco, France.

t is in conjunction with this meeting, that he did advocacy and obtained funding agreement from Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco, the amount of 131 191 400 euro to finance the project of Fiokpo agglomerations water supply .

He also participated in the World Congress of the IUCN from5 to 14 October , 2008 in Barcelona, ??Spain, a global event that has to address the issues of conservation of global biodiversity. During 2008, ADT-Togo has worked with the Association for Peasant Development and Environmental Protection (APDPE), a grassroots organization based in Lavié Agoviépé (Togo), to development a project entitled: "forest environment restoration project." This project aims to bring the population of the canton of Lavié to reconstruct the vegetation by facilitating the provision of agroforestry seedlings for reforestation and environment safeguard, it also aims to raise awareness of the populations of the Township on the dangers of deforestation and the measures undertaken to fight against it.

soThanks to the confidence inspired by the Organization, under the leadership its Executive Director, it was able to get from Friends of the Earth International, through the Green Grant Funds, funding of CFA 2.0027.835 for APDPE. The Executive Board has negotiated and obtained from the Foundation Save Endangered Species (with the support of Jacques PRESCOTT), the financing for a total of 2,053,290 FCFA for a project of capacity building in material of FOE-Togo.


The objective of this program is to support other programs in their campaigns in terms of advocacy and lobbying towards decision-makers and to educate people at the grassroots.