Mme Jagoda Munic M. Dave Hirsch

The Federation Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) in English, is the largest grassroot network of environmental protection in the world.
The Federation was created in 1971 by four organizations from France, Sweden, England and the United States.
It was born from the determination of "voluntary" environmentalists from different countries who have often met in annual consultations. Its leitmotiv is to conduct all campaigns on key issues such as nuclear energy and whaling.
The activities of the International Secretariat of FoEI are coordinated by Dave Hirsch. The International Secretariat is responsible for the daily management of the Federation, under the control of the Executive Committee, which in fact plays the role of the Board of Directors.
The Executive Committee is headed by Ms. Jagoda Munic.
Friends of the Earth International has its headquarters in Amsterdam (Holland).
Friends of the Earth Togo is a member of Friends of the Earth International since 1992.
Friends of the Earth Togo now has 77 members (national groups) and some 5,000 activist groups on every continent.
With approximately 2 million members and supporters worldwide, the Network conducts campaigns on environmental and social issues most urgent of the hour.
It challenges the current model of economic globalization and multinationals, and encourages solutions that help create environmentally and socially sustainable societies.
Friends of the Earth International has a decentralized and democratic structure that allows any group member to participate in decision making. The Network seeks to promote gender equity in all its campaigns and structures.
Its international positions are relayed and reinforced by working with communities and alliances with indigenous peoples, peasant movements, unions, movements of human rights and others.
Friends of the Earth International held its most recent Biannual General Meeting from 7 to 12 November, 2012. The Assembly decided changes taking into account the new situation in the environment in the world.
The new campaigns of Friends of the Earth Internationa :

- Water,

- Food, agriculture / land grabbing, and Genetically Modified Organisms,

- Energy and Climate Change,

- Extractive Industries / Oil, Gas, and Mining,

- Forests and Biodiversity / Desertification,

- Economic Justice and Resisting Neoliberalism (Trade, Multinationals and International Financial Institutions).

The Network Friends International has four regional structures in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. .