Greetings to all,

Togo, welcoming and legendary hospitality land! "Who does not know Togo does not know Africa because Togo is Africa in miniature"

Join again this summer Friends of the Earth Togo, for self training about group life and discovery of a rich culture of Togolese society. In the framework of our program of summer work camps in 2012, we bring to the knowledge of the partner organizations, to all those who are interested in youth exchanges and people aged 18 and over, that we are willing to work together for a sustainable and harmonious development of people around the world. For 21 years, we, with our experience, completed over a hundred projects with several African and Western partners including:

1.Jeunesse et reconstruction du Burkina-Faso et Les Amis de la Terre-Bénin
2.Jeunesse et Reconstruction, Unarec, Solidarité Jeunesse, Unis-Cité, Concordia et SCI de France
3.Compagnons bâtisseurs et JAVVA de Belgique
4.MS Danemark du Danemark

New partners and partners of always, involve your young people in our special work camps 2013.

Work Camps Coordinator